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Trust us with your property

Enjoy peace of mind

When you are away, who makes sure your home is safe and secure?


If you spend a considerable time away from your property, you can depend on Hanney Property Solutions to look after one of your biggest assets. 

Why you should consider a home watch service

Are you trusting a neighbor or friend to look after your home?

Many things can happen when you are away from your home. While we hope for the best, New England's climate can be tough on a home. From Nor'easters, winter storms, and a temperature that rises and falls like the Cyclone Coaster at the old Rocky Point Park.

Without someone looking out for your home--especially before and after severe weather--you may return to a home that is badly damaged and temporarily uninhabitable.The small cost of having someone keep watch on your property while reporting their findings is one of the best returns on your home investment.

You can trust Hanney Property Solutions to make scheduled and unscheduled emergency visits no matter what time of day or night. And we have the resources to care for your property in the event that immediate attention is required to mitigate or minimize loss. 



For the General Property


  • Check lawn and landscaping
  • Inspect deck and patio
  • Check pool area for damage
  • Check pool water levels
  • Check for mold or fading of patio furniture

For the Home's Exterior


  • Check for overall damage
  • Check security cameras
  • Bring in mail, newspapers, flyers
  • Check garage for pest intrusion
  • Check outdoor plumbing and hoses for leakage

For the Home's Interior


  • Check security system
  • Check all window and door locks
  • Check thermostats
  • Check HVAC system settings
  • Empty dehumidifier
  • Test all smoke/CO2 detectors

Our process

We use industry-specific technology

Hanney Property Solutions will conduct a thorough review of your property to develop a checklist for review. We will include any additional items that are required and specific to your property.

HPS will track and report each visit using home watch industry-specific software. This software outlines all items in a checklist format, allows photo uploads, provides proof of visit via GPS notification with a date and time stamp, and an emailed PDF or link to your report. 


Sample-Report (pdf)


Since each property is unique and each property owner has their own needs, we will work with you to customize a fair and competitive price to monitor your biggest investment. Please contact us for a free, no-obligation service quote.