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Trust us with your property


Year-round residential property services

Hanney Property Solutions offers year-round residential property services to customers in Southern New England.

Using the latest technology, we provide:

  • Landscaping and snow removal
  • Safety and security
  • Utility monitoring
  • Home Watch services
  • Winter prep/Spring opens
  • Boat and dock maintenance services



Landscaping Services


Whether you need your lawn mowed, shrubs trimmed, leaf removal, or other yard services, we have crews ready to handle the job. Seasonal and year-round contracts are available. 

Snow & Ice Removal


Our crews will keep your property's driveways and walkways free and clear of ice and snow when the winter weather arrives.

General Maintenance


Maintaining a house can be ton of work. If you are in need of general maintenance such as appliance repair, woodwork, electrical work, or plumbing, our team will get your property back in shape in no time. If we can't safely and swiftly take care of the problem ourselves, we'll handle to logistics of having a licensed professional remedy the problem.

Winter & Spring Preparation


Do you  close up your property before you fly south for the winter? Let us handle all of the details of preparing your property for a long winter's nap. 

We'll take care of all of the logistics of preparing your house, including draining of pipes, blowing out irrigation systems, securing windows, entryways, and seasonal furniture. Come springtime, we'll have your entire property ready to go. It will seem like you never left!

Who is watching over one of your biggest assets?

If you spend a considerable time away from your property, you can depend on Hanney Property Solutions to look after one of your biggest assets--your home. 

Services available through HPS' Home Watch:

  • Regular visits to your home
  • 24-hour monitoring for temperature, water leakage, power failure
  • Start and drive vehicles
  • Drain humidifiers
  • Accept packages
  • Water indoor plants and outdoor gardens

Visit our Home Watch page for more information.